People, don’t be fooled…THINK!

March 17, 2009

People of America, now is the time for you to think things out for yourselves.  Don’t be fooled by the media stories about the execs that are getting huge bonuses.  Let me break this down for you http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/03/16/AR2009031600640_pf.html 

First of all, we have laws in this country, and a constitution.  In my opinion, the only people who are not following the law nor following the constitution of this great country are our leaders and president.  These execs have contracts that were in place before the bail out money became available.  They are not taking taxpayer money!  I mean they are, but they would have received these bonuses even if they never got the bail out money.  The people to blame is the government for supporting a failing business in the first place.  I hope you can see that.  This is all a simple matter of throwing good money at a bad investment.  You don’t buy stocks in a company that is destined to fail, and that is exactly what Obama and his people are doing. 

I seriously think there is a different agenda at work here.  I think these guys are very smart and clever.  What they are trying to do is get as much government control by making you and I, the American people, mad as hell for those that are successful.  It’s class warfare, and most of us don’t even know it.  They are pitting the average American against the rich, and fueling anger and resentment towards those rich people.  Then, when we are pissed off enough, we will want the government to intervene and put more and more controls on the rich.  They will do things like cap the amount of money these guys can make, and regulate bonuses, take away contracts, etc.  And we will agree with them because we are so pissed off. 

But don’t be fooled America.  This is just a tactic they will use to put greater and greater controls on ALL OF US.  Soon you will find that even the little guy will have controls on his finances that make it harder and harder to climb the financial ladder.  Soon we will be dependant on the government regulations in order to get a raise, or a bonus, or change jobs to one that pays more.  All because the government thinks they are in control of telling us who can make money and how much we can make.

People, don’t be fooled…THINK!


One comment

  1. Here is something else to think about. What percent of $170 Billion is $170 Million? .001! So although most of us think “dang, $170 million is so much money! Those bastards!!!” It is a lot of money in the eyes of most of Americans. But you have to take a step back and look at the big picture and realize that it’s the government who is paying out BILLIONS of our money to these jerks who don’t know how to run their businesses. The blame lies with the government for giving them OUR money!

    Obama, Bush, what ever president we’ve had does not have the authority to spend our money it this way. We should be as outraged at them as they are pretending to be at the AIG execs.

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